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The Cross to Bare

An uneasy awareness of the fragility of our world inspired me to consider some of the lesser known meanings of the cards. I wanted to know what they had to say about our collective journey as spiritual beings.

The year was 2012 and there was a lot of talk about the Mayan Calendar showing that the “end of days” was upon us. I wasn’t buying into the hype.

Many similarities exist between the Mayan Calendar and the hidden calendar concealed within the 52-card deck, so I decided to see what the cards had to say about the completion of the Maya Long Count calendar and the end of the world.

The Language of Cards

An effective technique for uncovering answers to obscure questions while reading cards involves taking a moment to observe the entire tablet of all 52 cards before focusing on a specific card.

Giving yourself the time to pay attention to patterns in the numbers or suits will give you an overall sense of what the cards mean to tell you.

So, I settled back with my aim – which was to figure out the true meaning of the Mayan’s so called “end of days”, and I fixed my attention on the two main tablets: the Soul and the Life.

Soon, the formation of an imaginary cross became obvious, where sits the Jack of Heart at the centre of the cross. I realized this formation is not only on both the Soul and the Life tablet, it also appears on every tablet – all 90 of them.

Because the position of the Jack of Heart is fixed in the centre of this imaginary cross, I wondered – was it a calling card?

In the 1947 source document “Sacred Symbols of the Ancients,” the Jack of Heart card is referred to as the Christ Card, also known as the “card of sacrifice”.

Because the Jack of Heart is positioned in the middle of the cross, I wondered if the arrangement was supposed to draw my attention to the story of the crucifixion of christ? 

The biblical story of crucifixion carries a profound message of forgiveness. While Christians believe Jesus died for their sins, it is equally true that by forgiving those who transgressed against him, Jesus also liberated himself from the bondage of hatred and revenge.

I emphasize bondage, because that’s what karma is. Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. It’s the law that binds us, lifetime after lifetime, to the wheel of life and death. And here, the Jack of Heart remains fixed and unchanging, suggesting that we are bound to this wheel.

If the Jack of Heart’s message reveals humankind’s fundamental purpose in life, our journey as spiritual beings, then perhaps we must actively choose forgiveness as our means of release from the ever-turning wheel of life and death.

I felt a renewed sense of hope and reverence for the interconnectedness of our collective journey as spiritual beings. But I also felt there was more to the symbolism. 

The cards are a calendar, so this calling card should include a message that has to do with time – or a marker of time.

The symbology of the cards reveals many aspects of our world. Most consistent is their reveal of cycles of time. And more specific are cycles within cycles as fractals of time.

I remembered the symbol of the Jack of Heart is related to Pisces. Pisces has the symbol of a fish. Was not Jesus called the “fisher of men’s hearts”?

Pisces is the 12th sign, which is considered the last sign of the zodiac. So, the movement of our solar system through the constellation of Pisces marks the end of the last astrological age (each age lasts approx. 2160 years).

Suddenly I knew that the Mayan Calendar wasn’t marking the end of time. It was marking the end of a cycle of time! I believe the end of the Maya Long Count calendar marked the end of the Age of Pisces in the year 2012!

The Jack of Heart’s placement at the center of the cross held great symbolic meaning. It suggested that Pisces, represented by the “card of sacrifice,” was undergoing a sacrifice on the altar of time. This analogy brought to mind the imminent Age of Aquarius, a belief that I strongly hold as our current era.

And now here we are! With Saturn and Uranus at the helm, it is an incredible time to be alive!

Onwards and upwards within cycles of time…