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It’s a start…


Your Personality Card

This is the Timetable. It has all the days of the year, plus the leap year. To find out what your personality card is:

  1. Find your birthday on the Timetable.
  2. The card to the right of your birthday
    is your Card.

And that’s it!

Your Significant Seven

This is the Life / Soul Tablet. The big cards are the Personality Cards, and the little cards are the Soul Cards. (though really it should be the other way around!)
The cards are read from left to right, moving down the rows. When you get to the bottom left, go back up to the top right and keep reading the cards from left to right, moving down the rows.

  • Find your Personality Card
  • The seven cards to the left of your card
    are the 7 Cards that describe your personality.

“The best is yet to come, and won’t that be fine? You think you’ve seen the sun, but you ain’t seen it shine.”

-Frank Sinatra.