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Welcome! It’s wonderful to have you here! And wow, what a journey it’s been.

The transforming experiences of our new world age have taken us on a profoundly tumultuous journey. The challenges and discoveries are a symphony of OMGs that continue to echo through the years.

My name is Daliah. I am a professional metaphysician since 1997. I believe we entered the new age of Aquarius in 2012 and we are now in its earliest and most precarious stages. With planetary lord Uranus at the helm, expect the unexpected to be the norm! And it’s just the beginning.

The title of God of Rebirth is given to Uranus in many ancient texts. With one foot on the earth, the other stepping out into the heavens, Uranus is poised to dismantle and reconstruct the world as we know it.

Who am I? What am I? And why am I here? These are the questions I am hearing.

How will you choose to rebuild?

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

In 1989, I was made privy to a hidden calendar in a deck of cards.  Yes, our 365-day calendar is replicated in the suits and pips of playing cards. What’s more, when the cards combine with recurring cycles of time, they become a language of symbols that describe both personal karma and world karmic events.

It really is all in the cards!

What’s Your Card?

The Timetable has always been the ultimate reference for finding out what your card is, but if you’d rather just enter your month and day of birth, you’ll get the same results.

What's Your Card

I was born on the

Significant Seven

If you’ve been listening to my podcast and want to find your “Significant Seven”, then the Life Tablet is what you need.

Life Spread of Cards

To Find Your 7 Cards
Start with your birthday card. The first card to the left of your birthday card is card #1. To find the remaining six cards, continue counting from right to left, moving down a row whenever you get to the end.

Find Your 7 Cards

Your significant seven are the 7 cards that describe your personality and how you came to be!

Oh… and there is just SO much more…

I hope you will join me on my podcast, What’s Your Card? for an exhilarating ride of spiritual and metaphysical fun! You’ll find me on…