Everyone knows the adage, seek and you shall find. It is true the seeker will learn, develop and grow.

Earth School is elementary. It’s where we come to play and learn to create our world. Like mini gods (and devils); rearranging, redeveloping and reassigning all the elements, as yet unaware that all is God.

My paramguru, (the guru of one’s guru), Sri Yukteswar, author of the Holy Science, was an avatar of knowledge and an extraordinary vessel of wisdom. His mantra to all devotees and students of Earth School?
“Learn to behave!” Swami Sri Yukteswar was also a world-class astrologer.

In my youth, I discovered Metaphysics is the bridge between Earth School and the High(er) School of spiritual thought. Metaphysical knowledge gave me deep awareness and insight into the personal karma we find ourselves bound by. Astrology, numerology, and metasymbology became my rule books and manuals of God’s universal Law of Cause and Effect, a law that governs every thought, every action, all things, and everyone.

My mantra became, know thyself.

It doesn’t matter how many times you miss the mark or find yourself at the mercy of world-karma. By illuminating your inner nature, understanding the weaknesses and strengths, you will grow within and without. By way of calculated choices, you change your destiny.

Perchance somewhere along the way, you may also learn how to behave.